How to choose bridesmaid dresses

Second only to choosing the bridal gown, picking out bridesmaid dresses is one of the toughest jobs when planning a wedding.

Here are some tips to help you to pick the right dresses and to keep those special members of your wedding party happy.

Choose a comfortable fabric

While they’re always wonderful, weddings can be pretty long days, so make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable.

They’ll thank you for choosing light, breathable fabrics that will be pleasant to wear for long periods of time. Fabrics with a little stretch are great for all that sitting down and standing up—and tucking in to the wedding breakfast!

Pick bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again

Some dresses can be a little over the top and are very obviously bridesmaid dresses. This means that they will probably only be worn once, which is a waste of money regardless of who pays for the dress.

Pick a style that isn’t too formal or ‘weddingy’ so your bridesmaids can wear them to their next party or a fancy dinner. They may even work as an outfit for the next time they attend a wedding.

Think about skin tones and body types

When it comes to size, shape, skin tone and what suits them, all women are different.

Try to consider the different body types of all of your bridesmaids and think about whether a particular style would suit them. This works for colours as well; some skin tones or hair colours don’t work well with particular shades, and you don’t want any of your entourage to feel uncomfortable in front of all your guests.

Consider the weather

The time of year should be a key factor when picking out bridesmaid dresses.

If your big day is taking place in spring or summer, calf-length sleeveless dresses will help your special ladies to feel comfortable and look their best throughout the day. Winter weddings may call for full-length gowns and furry wraps.

Give your bridesmaids some input

Ask your bridesmaids what they would like to wear and consider their answers when making your decision.

If one of your bridesmaids tells you that A-line dresses don’t suit them, it would be unwise to pick this style. While it’s ultimately your big day, your bridesmaids should feel comfortable and considered when it comes to their outfits.

Pick mismatched but complementary dresses

It can be hard to find one dress that fits and compliments all of your bridesmaids, especially if they are different heights or ages.

Choosing different dresses in the same colour for each bridesmaid can be a great way of making sure the wedding party looks cohesive while also ensuring that each bridesmaid looks and feels her best.

Pick mismatched but complementary bridesmaid dresses

Let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses

Depending on how relaxed you are about the whole thing, you might want to leave the decision entirely in the hands of your bridesmaids.

You might specify a particular colour, fabric or style, or give them free reign to come up with their own outfit. You might not end up with exactly what you want, but your bridesmaids will be happy, and it’s one less thing on your plate!

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