Your guide to types of confetti

Nothing quite screams “celebration” like handfuls of confetti going up in the air!

Confetti is super convenient because there are so many colour combinations available to tie in with the theme of your big day, and you can purchase it just about anywhere.

There are loads of types available, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of confetti.

Biodegradable confetti

Here at Abbeywood, we’re huge nature advocates, so we love that biodegradable confetti is becoming a large part of people’s weddings and celebrations worldwide.

Made from acid-free wood pulp, rice paper and other biodegradable materials, you can celebrate in style knowing that you won’t be causing any lasting damage to the environment.

Biodegradable confetti made from dried petals is also available. What better way to add to your garden wedding than with a basket of dried petals for your guests to shower you with?!

Local florists supply and sometimes even make their own petal confetti. You could even match the petals to your bouquet and floral centrepieces to add that beautiful extra touch to your wedding day.

This type of confetti also has the added bonus of being really easy to make yourself. Cutting out hundreds of tiny shapes? No thank you! Hanging deep coloured flowers upside-down to dry out and pulling off the petals in bunches? Yes please!

Paper confetti

Paper confetti has been around forever! Those tiny tissue hearts and stars really dance in the wind when tossed into the air. They come in all shapes and sizes with so many colour choices too!

We wouldn’t recommend more intricate shapes such as letters or horseshoes, though, as they tend to bunch up and get stuck together. Before you know it, that graceful toss of delicate paper becomes a recipe for disaster when thrown into the faces of the newlyweds!


Take a more modern approach to wedding confetti by choosing bubbles instead! The containers come in all shapes and styles and add a unique twist to the traditional confetti shot.

They’re also perfect for keeping any young guests (and big kids) entertained after the ceremony, and make cute wedding favours.

The little extra details

These are simply a few of the types of confetti that you might want to use at your next special event. What makes it really special is how you use the confetti.

Display petal confetti in baskets, get confetti cannons, or even drop it from nets on the ceiling! However you use confetti, you can be sure you made a great choice by adding that little extra bit of magic to an already perfect day!












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