What to put on your wedding website

Many couples opt to build a wedding website for ease and simplicity when it comes to planning a wedding.

With these sites becoming more and more commonplace, you might be wondering what to put on your wedding website. You don’t need to worry about having the full information right away. Just start with a ‘save the date’ page and add more information as and when you’re able.

Here are the most important things to put on your wedding website to help your guests.

Full details of the ceremony

The date, time and location of the wedding itself are the most important pieces of information for your guests, so make sure that they are displayed clearly and prominently on your wedding website.

You might like to give a full rundown of the order of the day, from drinks and nibbles through to the ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches and the dancefloor curfew.

If you have a particular theme or dress code, it’s also wise to make sure this is very obvious on your site so that people don’t miss it.

Option to RSVP

Wedding websites give your guests a quick, easy and free method of RSVP-ing to the ceremony. It also makes it simple to collate responses, as they are all in one place.

Make sure it’s clear whether guests are RSVP-ing for the ceremony or just for the reception. Give them the opportunity to make you aware of any dietary requirements, or to choose their wedding breakfast courses.

Gift registry

If you have an online gift registry, you can link to it from your wedding website, making it super easy for guests to find.

Many wedding-specific site builders also offer the option to add a gift registry to the site, allowing guests to make donations towards your honeymoon through specific purchases, such as cocktails on the beach or a seafood dinner for two.


You’ve got enough on your plate when it comes to planning the wedding, so try to answer as many questions as possible on your website so you’re not flooded with the same ones again and again.

Some of the most commonly asked questions include:

  • When is the deadline for RSVPs?
  • Are children allowed at the ceremony?
  • Is there a block of hotel rooms reserved for guests?
  • Is there parking at the venue?
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Try to think of any and all questions that people might have. If someone asks a new question that you hadn’t thought of, add it to the site, as it might help others in the future.

Photos of the big day

Ask your bridesmaids what they would like to wear and consider their answers when making your decision.

After the wedding, you can add photos from the celebrations to your website, and transfer it from “Here’s what to expect” to “Here’s what happened”.

This is a nice way to remember the day and share those wonderful pictures with everyone who helped to make your wedding so special. You can also add the option for guests to upload their own snaps.

You can also password protect your site to keep your pictures and information private, and only share the details with guests, friends and family.












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