Love is sweet…Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue

Wedding favours have grown in popularity over the years and are now seen on the tables at many, but not all weddings. As one of Cheshire’s leading wedding venues we’ve collected a few ideas to help you decide how favours can be part of your own unique wedding. Sweet.

For some couples it is way of showing appreciation to guests, some of whom have travelled a long way. For others it is to remember a loved one or a special memory. For some, wedding favours are unnecessary and instead opt to focus funds elsewhere during the day.

Another idea that has grown in popularity is a favour table. Sweets/cakes etc can be given as a favour and the time and money spent individually wrapping and gifting items for the place setting is reduced.

Over the years at Abbeywood, we have been lucky enough to see many different wedding favours, each as unique as the weddings themselves.

We rounded up our favourite Top Ten favour ideas to help you on your way; they are not ranked!

1. ‘Love is sweet’

What a perfect phrase for all things sweet. Be it Love Hearts, sweet bags, cupcakes or mini treat jars, you can’t go wrong with a sweet favour. Often guests nibble at their treats throughout the meal (as if the meal wasn’t enough!) or save them for the journey home or the following morning as a pick me up. Sweets can be tailored and selected based on the couples favourite treat or by colour to fit in with a given theme. One thing can be certain, there are never usually any sweet based favours left over at the end of the night, showing they certainly are very popular.

Love is sweet...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venueLove is sweet...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


2. ‘Let the love grow’

This quote works perfectly with seeds, seasonal flowers and individual potted plants. Seeds and plants are a lovely way for your guests to remember your special day for years to come. With seeds readily available in bulk online, stamps with the quote easy to get hold of, they can be the perfect way to gift your guests whilst keeping costs low. You may however wish to purchase them ready made, for which there are many sites offering this service. For some potted plants are a nurture of love on the run up to their day if grown from seed.


Let the love grow...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


3. ‘Let the love sparkle’

For many a sparkler photograph at the end of the night is the perfect way to round off their day. So why not give all guests a sparkler as a favour, so they have no excuse to not be in the picture! With simple card quotes that can be slipped onto the sparkler, they are a simple but effective table favour for all.


Let the love sparkle...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue

4. ‘Made with love’

Whether it is home made jam, local honey or any other item you have spent time making, the made with love factor will leave guests cherishing their favour. Stickers with the quote are easily purchased or made and you can often save a little bit of money by doing it yourself. It’s also a great bonding experience with your family and friends, who will no doubt lend a hand sticking, gluing or stirring.


Made with love...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


5. ‘The natural touch’

The woodland, natural theme has grown in popularity. Whether you choose the provide carved place names, coasters or magnets, wood can be a great way to continue your theme onto the tables. Often it helps to have a member of the family that is used to working with wood, but failing that you can purchase them from many handmade sites specialising in this area. They are perfect reminders for guests who will undoubtably use them around their house for years to come.

The natural touch...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue

6. ‘ Charitable donations’

This is always a theme close to many hearts and a way to remember a loved one, or support a cause that has helped a member of the family. Some charities provide you with cards/badges etc to promote their charity, for some couples they opt to just create a card stating a donation has been made on everyone’s behalf. A great way to support a local charity as well as giving your guests a little something to remember your day.


Charitable donations...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


7. ‘Winner takes all’

Lottery tickets, scratch cards, sweep stakes are a great way to get your guests buzzing for a win. This can be quite costly, however you may think it will be worth it, especially if one of your guests wins big and decides to share it with you! Scratch cards give immediate gratification, whereas lottery tickets rely on the holder keeping them safe and checking them after the day. Sweep stakes are also a fun way to get guests talking and engaged in the speeches, or the match/race you share your day with. This type of favour suits a certain type of crowd and you will know if it is your guests cup of tea.


Winner takes all...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


8. ‘Find your seat, now take a shot’

Need we say more! From individual spirit bottles, to actual shots as your table plan this is a sure fire way to get the party started. Often received well by all, it is a fun and sometimes messy way to entertain guests throughout the meal or at the end of speeches. Whether you choose your favourite spirit, or choose a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ the shots look fantastic in photographs. Remember to check with your venue in case they charge corkage on alcoholic favours, as this may make the overall cost of your favour more than expected.


Find your seat, now take a shot...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


9. ‘Five almonds, five wishes’

Sugar almonds are a more traditional, but versatile wedding favour. They can be put in bags, boxes, jars or just in bowls per table and can fit in with any colour scheme. We consider health, wealth, happiness, children and a long life as five good wishes to place on the tags. However, you can tailor them to suit your individual requirements. Whether you choose to bag or box them, it doesn’t take too long and can really save you time and money the run up to your wedding.


Five almonds, five wishes...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue


10. ‘I love your silly face’

Face mats are a recent addition to the weddings at Abbeywood and we love them! Get your guests up about and having fun whilst waiting for their food. It also gives you endless photographs from during the meal that will make you smile. Why not add a disposable camera (or two) on each table to capture all the fun your guests have. You can often get them in bulk and any left over can be placed away ready to bring out at other family occasions and Christmas etc.

Love your silly face...Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue

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