Children at weddings: keeping the little ones entertained

It’s a question couples ask us, ‘How can we entertain the Children at our Wedding?’ We have seen some lovely ideas over the years and have captured our favourites for you.

The old fashioned way 

Dust the board games off, get that monopoly going and create an indoor board game table. Hours of fun will be had by all, including the adults!

Popular choices have been: Connect 4, Hungry Hippo and Snakes & Ladders. It is a fantastic option regardless of the weather.

We must admit Outdoor Games always go down well. The Children love it and on a beautiful day outside playing Giant Jenga what could be more ideal?

One of our Abbeywood Couple’s had various Vintage Games on our Main Lawn, it went down really well for all guests and looked great in photographs.

*Always check what games are allowed at your Venue*

Children at Weddings: Keeping the Little Ones Entertained


Everybody loves a Selfie Right! 

A Kid’s Photo Booth is a great way of entertaining them all the way through the day. With a disposable Camera and Dressing Up Items you won’t see them for hours. It also gives you a unique insight to the day through their eyes. We can guarantee lots of laughs will be delivered.

Why not get their favourite Disney Characters Costumes, Minnie Mouse Ears, a Buzz Lightyear outfit or Snow White, they will have hours of fun with this and you get to keep some funny snaps from your day!

Let’s get Crafty! 

A Craft Table is always a winner and always gets the children excited. Here at Abbeywood we have plenty of space for during your Reception Period to create a table of fun, though you may need to check with your venue.

Stickers, Glue, Paints, Colouring and Glitter go down a treat.

There is always the option of hiring in entertainment, Creche Companies can provide entertainment all day for the kids and have often been a favourite for couples at Abbeywood. Soft Play Areas, Bouncy Castles, Clowns, Magicians and even Storm Troopers have been known to be walking our Gardens serving drinks on one of our Abbeywood Couples Wedding Days.

Children at Weddings: Keeping the Little Ones Entertained


So what about the Meal? 

Of course it is every parents dread, ‘I hope they sit quietly during the speeches’, ‘I hope they eat their meal’ ‘I hope they don’t get bored’ well why not have a Kid’s Table! It is a great way of keeping all of the children entertained and creates a lovely environment for them to chat and make friends.

Popular choices for Children’s favours are Activity Packs including colouring, balloons, bubbles, Glow Sticks and a small toy.

Think about disposable cameras, take it back to basics and create a scavenger hunt of items/shots that are unique for your day, be careful what you choose though! Maybe the best man delivering his speech, capture a lady with a green dress… You will have some amazing natural shots and no doubt will keep them entertained for hours.

Children’s Dining 

We offer some delicious tasty Children’s Meals as part of our dining experience here at Abbeywood.

Selecting the right food can really make a difference to your day. Keep it simple but packed with flavour and you can’t go wrong. Why not add ice cream sprinkles as part of the children favours and let them customise their desserts.

Remember although you want to keep the little ones busy, the main aim is for everyone no matter what their age to have fun and make special memories to share with you.












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