All you need is love….. and wedding cakes!

Although wedding cakes have evolved over the years, for many it is still an integral part of their wedding day.

Whether it’s a labour of love that you create yourself, shop bought or professional made, there is never usually that much wedding cake left over at the end of the night (unless you want there to be!)

Naked wedding cakes

Naked cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Without icing, the freshly baked cakes speak for themselves. With delicious home made jam oozing from the centre and held together generously with fresh/butter cream, naked cakes are a yummy addition to any day.

You can leave the cake simply as it is with a topper or decorate it with a abundance of fresh berries and fruit. Large bold statement flowers are also a simple but effective addition to the naked cake.

One thing to consider is the set up of the cake, as often they need to be made and put together as late as possible on the day. If you are making the cake yourself, you need to consider whether you want to take on so much the day before your wedding. If you intend on putting it together yourself at the venue, you also need to consider if you will have time to do this, or whether you need to appoint someone in your place, this can be a hard decision to make not only for you, but for the person who needs to finish your pride and joy.

Although fresh fruit all over the cake can seem like a good idea at the time, this can be quite time consuming, though cocktail sticks to help hold the fruit in place.

Naked Cakes


Butter cream wedding cakes

Butter cream wedding cakes also seem to be popular here at Abbeywood. With their luxurious fillings encased by a generous lathering of icing, they are cake heaven!

There is something quite magnificent about the simplicity of the messy icing, especially if you have a busy theme or bold colour scheme. It can offer a natural palette and works with any decor you may have.

Butter cream wedding cakes, as with naked wedding cakes lend themselves nicely to a splash of colour from fresh berries or flowers. Flowers with larger heads can be a simple yet effective way to decorate and add colour without too much additional work.

It is worth considering the time of year and temperature of the room in which your cake will be displayed. We always advise butter cream wedding cakes are placed in a cool room, as it allows the cake to be away from direct sunlight. If you are worried about how the weather will impact on your cake,  this can be overcome. Maybe ask for your cake to only be brought out later on in the day or in the evening. It is always nice for it to have some time to ‘shine’, especially if you have paid a lot of money for it.

Butter Cream Cakes


Iced wedding cakes

Iced wedding cakes, although more traditional, are the perfect way let your imaginations run wild.

From the Lego building blocks, to the half and half reveal, iced wedding cakes are a solid foundation that can incorporate and colour/style/theme. They also allow intricate hand painted details or iced items to be added, creating a wow factor. For some couples, the perfect clean edges and precise decoration helps add a touch of elegance to their day helping tie together their decorations or chosen theme.

Iced wedding cakes are also much easier to transport and seem to hold better in warmer conditions, making them perfect all year round. You can also have fun with your flavour combinations, as the delicious sponges are hidden by beautiful exterior icing.

Iced Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes

Cheese cakes are a new addition to the cake family and have become increasingly popular as an alternative to formal sponge cakes.

With natural flowers, herbs and fruit from the garden, cheese wedding cakes can be transformed with very little. They can also be used as your evening food, so a great way to utilise your cake. Here at Abbeywood we organise the supply of cheese wedding cakes and accompaniments. It’s always worth checking with the venue before you decide to go ahead and book your cheese wedding cake with an outside company, as many do not allow it for food hygiene reasons.

Cheese wedding cakes are usually best out on display in the early evening, so they can be kept refrigerated as long as possible. For some people, they like to have a formal cake out on display during the day for photograph purposes, and opt for the cheese wedding cake to be set up ready for the evening when guests can help themselves.

Why not have a ‘Guess the Cheese’ quiz running throughout the evening with a free drink prize. It’s a great way to prevent any left overs!

Cheese Cakes

Wedding cake table

Something to consider is how your cake is going to look and work with other decor you have at the venue. Will it be on a table of it’s own, or will it have other items with it?

You may want to create a ‘cake table’ with brownies, sweets and other treats. This makes for a great photo opportunity and is a great snack for guests throughout the day/evening.

For some it is another chance to let their imaginations and decorations run wild, adding another beautiful addition to their day.

For others it is a chance to bring together memories, photographs of family and loved ones or card boxes/baskets to add a purpose to the table.

It is something to bear in mind as you plan your day, to prevent your cake looking lost, or on the flip side overtaking the table where it will be positioned.

Cake Tables

Delivery/Set up

Here at Abbeywood we always try and accommodate the delivery/set up of wedding cakes to fit in with couples schedules/plans. It is always worth checking with your Venue as to when your cake can be delivered from and where it will be stored until it is set up. It may seem that collecting and transporting your own cake from the baker may save you a few extra pennies which can go towards something else, however the pressure of transporting your cake without a single mark or dent can be too much for some couples. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals!

At Abbeywood we find that it is often easier and safer for the cake to be delivered and set up mid morning the day of your Wedding, however sometimes due to the location of the Bakery or the style of Cake, some bakers like to leave setting up until the last minute.

Things to ask your Venue

  • When can you deliver your wedding cakes?
  • When is best for your wedding cake to be set up?
  • Can my wedding cake be moved?
  • Do you have a cake stand/knife, if so are they included?
  • When will my wedding cake be cut?
  • Will my wedding cake be cut and served, if so at what time?
  • Can I provide my own Cheese Cake, or is this something covered with Catering?











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