Five Top Trends for 2019 Brides

Entering a new year means bringing in plenty of fresh, fantastic new trends for the wedding world. While some trends are effortlessly timeless and some are forever coming in and out of fashion, others are simply left in the past. The fast-moving wedding world makes it hard to keep up, especially considering it takes the best part of a year to plan your dream day.

Our 2019 five top wedding trend lists will help all our brides-to-be to stay in the loop and on trend for their special day.

1. Greenery

With the Royal Wedding still being the top highlight and biggest inspiration in the wedding world, we predict greenery and natural tones will be one of 2019’s most sought-after colour schemes. After all, who could forget the Beautiful Meghan effortlessly gliding down the aisle with natural and organic surroundings? Breathtaking.

You can team it up with wooden accessories for a rustic look, sparkles, golds and silvers for a blingy nod to nature, or bold, bright colours to add a refreshing splash.

Greenery - Five Top Trends for 2019 Brides

2. Brides men and Groom Girls

Who said you can’t have a female Best Man? Or should I say Best Woman? Gone are the days of following gender-restricting traditions. Adding a male relative or friend into the bridesmaid party is becoming a bold statement that is rapidly turning into one of the biggest and most celebrated trends.

We are also seeing people tearing down age restrictions by choosing a more mature flower girl, such as grandparents.

Brides men and Groom Girls - Five Top Trends for 2019 Brides

3. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Foam-free flower arrangements is yet another bold statement made this year. You could say that 2019 is year of the rebels! More and more brides are requesting their florists provide them with arrangements without the chemically made material. The fact that this foam is non-biodegradable is making people think twice about using it, and they are opting for a safer alternative such as chicken wire and moss.

Granted it requires a little more skill from the florist, and the flower arrangements will only keep for a few days (not as long as those made with foam), but If you’re passionate about doing your part for the environment this is definitely the trend for you!

Eco-Friendly Weddings - Five Top Trends for 2019 Brides

4. Balloon Displays

Some say that balloons are becoming the new flowers. Most often associated with children’s parties and other fun and playful events, balloons are literally ballooning their way into elegant wedding receptions and we are loving it!

Display walls and over-head, roof table displays made solely from balloons are something we expect to see a lot more of during 2019.

5. Inside/Out Weddings

Bringing the outside in is something we have seen for many of years with plenty of indoor nature displays, rustic vibes and greenery. But this year we will see this concept in reverse.

Particularly as we approach the spring/summer months, we will be seeing more of an outdoor living room/dining room vibe, only without the ceiling—and walls! With the use of outdoor lamps, sofas and coffee tables, a perfect relaxing boho vibe on a beautiful ‘summers day can be created.

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Need help bringing these wedding trends to life?

Abbeywood Estate have years of experience hosting weddings of all sizes and themes. We’ll help you to bring a specific wedding theme or trend to your big day with everything from the decorations to the menu. Contact us with your ideas and we’ll help to make your vision a reality.












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