What is wedding insurance and do i need it?

After all the time, effort and money that you’ve put into planning your wedding, it’s wise to do as much as you can to guard against unforeseen circumstances. That’s where wedding insurance comes in.

Much like travel insurance, wedding insurance is optional, but it’s strongly recommended to give you a little support and compensation should something go wrong on the big day.

If you’re planning a wedding and not sure whether you need to invest in wedding insurance, read on.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of insurance that covers certain aspects of your wedding that may be out of your control. The insurance covers you financially, allowing you to get your money back (or a portion of it, depending on your cover) if something goes wrong.

While your insurance might not be able to stop any disasters from happening, at least you can be spared the financial burden of an unexpected problem. A wedding is an extremely emotional and important event that couples often invest large amounts of money in, so it’s worth having a little peace of mind just in case.

What does wedding insurance cover?

There are many different types of wedding insurance that cover different situations, but some of the most common things that wedding insurance covers include:

  • If the venue cancels, goes bust or experiences a fire or flood
  • If a supplier fails to provide a product/service or if it’s damaged
  • Theft or damage of wedding rings, flowers, cakes, outfits and gifts
  • Cancellation due to serious illness or death of a key member of the wedding party
  • Personal liability and legal expenses

What doesn’t wedding insurance cover?

All policies vary, and you can often pick additional extras that aren’t covered as standard, such as the honeymoon, but wedding insurance usually does not cover:

  • If the bride or groom decides not to go through with the wedding
  • Cancellation due to financial difficulty
  • Cancellation caused by pre-existing conditions
  • Bad weather
  • Public liability

Do I need wedding insurance?

Purchasing any type of insurance can sometimes feel as though you’re gambling against yourself, but it’s worth weighing up how much time, effort and money it would take you to reorganise the wedding should something go wrong.

If you’d be taking a big financial hit should the worst happen, it’s worth getting insurance. Wedding cover starts at as little as £30, while comprehensive cover will only set you back around £200. When you consider how much you’re likely to spend on the rest of the wedding, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

If you’re getting married abroad, there are a whole host of other issues to consider, so insurance is strongly recommended. You’ll need to get specialist international wedding insurance, though.

When should I take out wedding insurance?

Most companies allow you to take out wedding insurance up to two years before the big day. Some will allow you to do it as late as the day before, but you must declare that you are not aware of any existing reasons prior to taking out the insurance that may cause you to incur a claim.

You’ll also need to know in advance how much you’re planning to spend in to ensure that you get the right amount of cover. It’s worth waiting until you’ve got most of the big day sorted to avoid being under-insured.

Have your wedding at Abbeywood Estate

Once you’ve sorted your insurance, you’ll want to start looking at wedding venues. Abbeywood Estate offers stunning indoor and outdoor spaces in the heart of Cheshire.

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