The language of flowers – Meaningful flower choices for your wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the key things to think about is your flowers. From the bridal bouquet to the floral arrangements on the top table, flowers are an essential part of every wedding.

But did you know that different flowers have different meanings? Let’s look at some examples of flowers that symbolise beautiful things to make your wedding day feel even more special.


In Chinese culture, bamboo stands for longevity, strength and grace. While it’s not a traditional plant to see in a flower arrangement, we think that this wonderful meaning warrants a place at your wedding. We’d love to see bamboo become a popular choice for wedding decorations someday.


Carnations have different meanings depending on their colour. Red carnations symbolise romantic love and passion, white carnations symbolise purity and faithfulness, and pink carnations symbolise a woman’s love.


These large and colourful flowers can really make a statement, and choosing the right colour can make that statement even stronger. Red chrysanthemums symbolise love, while yellow signifies a precious person.


Dahlias are pretty and come in many different colours and sizes, making them perfect additions to bouquets and centrepieces. They’re known to represent elegance and dignity, which are great associations for your big day.


Another flower with lots of pretty colour variations, daisies are popular in all types of floral arrangements. They symbolise innocence, purity, loyal love and simplicity, which are beautiful connotations for you big day.

Globe amaranth

A pretty purple flower, globe amaranth symbolises immortal love, which is perfect for a union of two people. It’s commonly used in Hawaii for making leis, as it holds its colour and shape well after being dried, so it will look great long after the big day.


Ivy makes a beautiful trailing addition to bouquets and can make a great statement as a hanging decoration at your ceremony and reception. It stands for dependence, endurance and faithfulness, so it’s also a great plant to include at your wedding.


With a range of colours that would suit a spring wedding, this delicate flower represents eternal love, making it perfect for inclusion in the floral decorations on your big day.


Roses have long been associated with love, romance and passion. Much like carnations, different colours of roses have different meanings. Red is for true love; white is for purity and innocence; light pink is for passion and desire; and lavender is for love at first sight. Colour combinations also have significance. Red and white roses together stand for union, while red and yellow represent joy and happiness.


Again, tulips offer different meanings depending on the colour chosen. Red is for undying love and passion; pink is for joyful occasions; yellow is for cheerfulness and hope; and blue is for respect and trust.

Beautiful flowers for your ceremony

As well as being a stunning wedding venue, we grow many of our own flowers right here in our Cheshire gardens. These beautiful, high-quality British flowers are perfect for bouquets and centrepieces, making a memorable addition to your special day.

To find out more about our fresh, home-grown flowers, or to book a tour of our wedding venues, simply get in touch.












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