How to decide who to invite to your wedding

One of the toughest parts about wedding planning is deciding who to invite to the ceremony. As wonderful as it is for everyone to be a part of your big day, we meet so many people during our lives that it’s just not impossible to include them all. But how do you figure out who to invite and who not to invite without causing upset or offence? Here are some tips. Step 1: The Venue Your venue will already be booked ...

Weddings and social media: the good, the bad and the ugly

Social media has become thoroughly ingrained into our everyday lives. Its uses are seemingly endless, helping people to keep in touch, share their life experiences and display amazing pictures. Weddings and social media are no strangers, but are they a good match? Here are some examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of social media at weddings. The Good If you’ve been on Pinterest as part of your wedding planning, you’ll have heard of wedding hashtags. Often with a ...

Five Top Trends for 2019 Brides

Entering a new year means bringing in plenty of fresh, fantastic new trends for the wedding world. While some trends are effortlessly timeless and some are forever coming in and out of fashion, others are simply left in the past. The fast-moving wedding world makes it hard to keep up, especially considering it takes the best part of a year to plan your dream day. Our 2019 five top wedding trend lists will help all our brides-to-be to stay in the ...

Your Vegan Wedding

Veganism is rapidly taking over the UK, with over half a million practicing vegans in the UK last year. Whether it is a lifestyle choice, fitness and health choice or an allergy issue, we’re surrounded by extensive plant-based cuisines, making it a great time to throw a perfect vegan wedding. You are sure to please any meat-obsessed friends and family, and perhaps even inspire a few in the process! Here are some tasty three-course ideas for your special vegan wedding menu. ...
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