Love is sweet…Top 10 wedding favours from top Cheshire wedding venue

Wedding favours have grown in popularity over the years and are now seen on the tables at many, but not all weddings. As one of Cheshire’s leading wedding venues we’ve collected a few ideas to help you decide how favours can be part of your own unique wedding. Sweet. For some couples it is way of showing appreciation to guests, some of whom have travelled a long way. For others it is to remember a loved one or a special memory. ...

Wedding bouquet top tips from leading Cheshire wedding venue

As well as being one of the leading Cheshire wedding venues, our estate includes 6 acres of formal and informal gardens. That’s why we are uniquely placed to offer some insights, ideas, hints and tips about a key part of any Cheshire bride’s big day! The bridal bouquet, as with the wedding dress is something some brides dream about for many years. Create your perfect Cheshire wedding bouquet The bridal bouquet is a statement item for the day, incorporating chosen colours, ...

All you need is love….. and wedding cakes!

Although wedding cakes have evolved over the years, for many it is still an integral part of their wedding day. Whether it’s a labour of love that you create yourself, shop bought or professional made, there is never usually that much wedding cake left over at the end of the night (unless you want there to be!) Naked wedding cakes Naked cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Without icing, the freshly baked cakes speak for themselves. With delicious home made jam oozing ...

Children at weddings: keeping the little ones entertained

It’s a question couples ask us, ‘How can we entertain the Children at our Wedding?’ We have seen some lovely ideas over the years and have captured our favourites for you. The old fashioned way  Dust the board games off, get that monopoly going and create an indoor board game table. Hours of fun will be had by all, including the adults! Popular choices have been: Connect 4, Hungry Hippo and Snakes & Ladders. It is a fantastic option regardless of ...
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